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FRS22100 First Ring Suppressor

For use with Robocall blocking services / Nomorobo

Advanced landline Robocall blocking services, utilize a telephony feature called "simultaneous ring". When this feature is activated the call will ring simultaneously both at your location as well as at the blocking service server. If the blocking service determines that the call is a "robocall" it will then pick up the call (after the first ring) and will ask for identification. This always results in a single ring at the call destination. These single rings can become quite annoying.


FRS22100 is a patent pending smart device that blocks the first ring of any call at your location. It is intended for use with a Robocall blocking services. If a Robocall is blocked, no rings will sound at your location. However, if a call is a "legitimate" one, your phone will ring from the second ring onward. It will also pass the caller ID info. Each time a ring is blocked, a small LED indicator will turn on for the duration of the block. FRS22100 is a small in-line device, installed between your wall jack and your phone and requires no additional power supply or batteries.